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RICCA CHEMICAL COMPANY offers ASTM, USP/EP, and Sterile quality water in a wide variety of sizes. Don't get stuck with the maintenance expenses, replacement costs, quality issues, and slow output of laboratory purification systems. Our top-of-the-line water and quality systems at multiple facilities means rapid manufacturing and delivery to anywhere in the United States. Put the simplicity back into water with RICCA CHEMICAL COMPANY.

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Product Description
R9145000 ( R9145000 ) Water, Molecular Biology Grade, Sterile RNase Free, DNase Free, Protease Free, DEPC Free
R9150000 ( 9150 ) Water, ACS Reagent Grade, ASTM Type I, ASTM Type II Packaged in plastic containers
R9153500 ( R9153500 ) Water, ASTM Type I, Suitable for HPLC
RAP35653 ( AP35653 ) Rinse Water
SW112700 ( SW112700 ) Water, Reagent Grade I (Deionized, 0.2 micron filtered)
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