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RICCA CHEMICAL COMPANY's product lines are available in three main markets - the industrial laboratory and manufacturing area, clinical testing labs, and private-label/OEM. This page will help you find a distributor that is able to readily supply our products in the industrial laboratory and manufacturing environments. If you are interested in our capabilities as a contract manufacturer or wish to draw on our extensive private-label, contract packaging, and OEM capabilities, please contact us at sales@riccachemical.com

  • Most dealers listed are able to provide next-day delivery from their stock, and are able to set up new accounts within a day
  • As always, we can ship direct from our stock on behalf of our distributors
  • For clinical distributors (supplying doctor's offices, clinics, and hospitals) contact us at customerservice@riccachemical.com or call (888) GO-RICCA (467-4222).

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