DEA List I Information

Certain products produced at Ricca Chemical Company are under DEA regulation, and must be purchased through an approved list of suppliers unless you currently have an existing account with us. Further information can be found in the document links provided at the bottom of this page.

Shown below you will find a list of products that fall into this category, as well as a list of current approved suppliers for those products. Please feel free to contact customer support if you have further questions.

DEA List I Approved Suppliers:

  • BVA Scientific
    • (210) 340-0032
  • Midland Scientific - Omaha, NE
    • (402) 346-8352
  • Northwest Scientific, Inc. - Billings, MT
    • (406) 252-3269
  • Reagents - North Carolina
    • (800) 732-8484
  • VWR International
    • (800) 932-5000

DEA List I Chemicals:

  • Iodine Tincture, 5% R3957000
  • Iodine, 5% in 70% Alcohol 3959
  • Iodine, 3% in Methanol IX-913
  • Iodine (Iodine-Iodide), 30% (w/v) in 25% (w/v) Potassium Iodide 3967
  • Iodine, 0.2 N 4005, IX-901
  • Iodine, 0.2018 N, Tutwiler 4006
  • Iodine, 0.25 N I-122
  • Iodine, Heavy, 4%, 0.312 N 4008
  • Iodine, 0.3122 N 4009
  • Iodine, 0.3125 N 4010
  • Iodine, 0.315 N 4012
  • Iodine, 1 N 4050, I-115, R4051000
  • Lugol's Iodine 4440
PDF Document of DEA List I Order Acceptance PolicyDEA List I Order Acceptance Policy
PDF Document of DEA List I Carrier Damage PolicyDEA List I Carrier Damage Policy
DEA Registration Requirements for List I Chemicals
Purchasing Signature Letter
Intended Use Letter


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