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Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Source with RICCA and you can expect:

  • Multiple manufacturing sites in the U.S.
  • SDSs and CofAs available on our website
  • Chemistry degreed support staff
  • Stable and consistently performing products
  • Tight Specifications for low lot-to-lot variability
  • Custom capabilities to meet your unique needs
  • High quality documentation (CofA) with each lot
  • Products have unique lot numbers
  • Products are standardized and NIST traceable

Chemical Containers

Our Cannabis Industry Solutions:

    • Extraction Chemicals
    • Terpenes
    • Solvents
    • Water
    • Cleaning Solutions
    • Multi Element Standards
    • Single Element Standards
    • pH Reference Buffers
    • General Use Dry Reagents
    • Sample Preparation Acids
    • Sample Preparation Bases
    • Pesticide Standards
    • Residual Solvent Standards
    • Terpene Standards


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