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Karl Fisher Reagents

RICCA Chemical Company now offers a full line of Karl Fischer Reagents for Moisture Analysis. Our product line includes both Coulometric and Volumetric Reagents, all formulated for high performance and reliable results. Our Reagents support a wide range of samples types from Ethanol and Fuels to Fats and Oils and General Organic Chemicals. Volumetric Reagents are available for both one and two-component titrations, and also include solvents compatible with a variety of sample types. Coulometric Reagents are available for titration cells with or without a diaphragm. Specialized Reagents are designed to better analyze samples insoluble in Methanol to ensure fast, reliable, and reproducible results.

• Coulometric Reagents
• Specialized Solvents
• Volumetric Reagents

Have Confidence in Your Analyses

  • Reagents available in 500 mL and 1 L Sizes
  • 1 L Bottles have the Industry Standard GL45
    Neck Finish for Convenient Connection
  • Stable Formulations and Comprehensive
    Chemical Compatibility
  • 5 Year Shelf Life for Most Reagents
  • Samples Available to Try Before You Buy*
    *Sample Size is 220 mL

RICCA Product Bottles