Certified Reference Materials

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Reference materials are critical components for accurate measurement and analysis in various scientific fields. They are used to calibrate instruments, validate analytical methods, and assess the accuracy of test results. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a set of standards and guidelines for reference material producers, known as ISO 17034, which includes requirements for the development, production, and certification of reference materials.  

Certified reference materials (CRMs) that comply with ISO 17034 provide several benefits to laboratories and researchers:  

  • Traceability and Accuracy.  One of the primary objectives of ISO 17034 is to ensure the traceability and accuracy of reference materials. Certified reference materials produced by ISO 17034 accredited producers are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) and provide a high degree of accuracy. This ensures that the measurements obtained using these materials are reliable, reproducible, and traceable. 

  • Quality Control. Use of ISO 17034 CRMs help laboratories establish and maintain a robust quality control program. These materials are manufactured under strict quality control procedures, which include the use of validated methods, instrumentation, and trained personnel ensuring that the certified reference materials are of the highest quality. 

  • Regulatory Compliance. Many industries are subject to regulatory requirements for quality control and testing. The use of CRMs can help companies meet these requirements and avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance.  

  • Improved Quality.  Using ISO 17034 CRMs can improve laboratory efficiency by providing reliable and accurate measurements results.  This can reduce the risk of defective testing and analysis, which can be costly and time consuming. 

RICCA Chemical Company offers a line of ISO 17034 Certified Reference Materials under our VeriSpec® Brand.  We have recently added pH buffer and conductivity standards to this line, along with our already established AA, ICP and ICPMS standards.  Our VeriSpec® products provide laboratories and researchers with reliable and accurate tools for measurement and analysis. They ensure traceability, accuracy, quality control, compliance with regulations, and improved efficiency. Using these materials can help to ensure that analytical results are reliable and reproducible, which is essential for making informed decisions in scientific research and development. 

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