Potassium Biiodate

Potassium Biiodate
Potassium Hydrogen Diiodate
Chemical Formula KH(IO3)2
Formula Weight 389.91
Equivalent Weight
32.49 (Molar = 12 Normal)
Equivalent Weight
389.91 (Molar = Normal)
CAS No. 13455-24-8

Potassium Biiodate is a primary standard substance that can be used as a basimetric as well as an oxidimetric standard. In addition to its versatility, it has the advantage of a high equivalent weight, especially when used to standardize bases. Its disadvantages are that it is relatively expensive, and only sparingly and slowly soluble in water. The reaction for its use as an oxidimetric standard is as follows:

KH(IO3)2 + 11 H+ + 10 I- → 6 I2 + K+ + 6 H2O

The Iodine thus generated in the presence of Iodide and acid can be used to assay various reducing agents, such as Sodium Thiosulfate, using Starch indicator.

RICCA CHEMICAL COMPANY Potassium Biiodate titrants are intended for use as oxidimetric standards, and the normality is based on the equivalent weight in oxidation-reduction reactions.

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