Extraction Chemicals

Our goal is put our over 40 years of chemical manufacturing experience to work for you by helping you perform high-quality, efficient and safe processing of all your Cannabis products. Solvent extraction has emerged as the best choice for many extractors. Ricca offers a full range of Extraction Chemical options including Ethanol, 190 and 200 proof, 5 and 55 gallon sizes, as well as Isopropanol, and Acetone.

Cleaning Solution

A regular routine of post-extraction cleaning is the key to reducing the residue left behind from Cannabis extraction. Ricca offers an effective Cleaning Solution to reduce contamination concerns and enhance the subtle effects of Terpenes and complex cannabinoid profiles.


Our Cleaning Solution:

  • Pleasant Smelling
  • Food Grade
  • Cleans glass, Ceramic, and Metal

Categories and Products

  • Botanical Terpenes  
  • RTE50001   CBDistillery's GG4
  • Cannabis Extraction  
  • RTE50002   CBDistillery's Strawberry Lemonade
  • Organic Standards  
  • RTE50003   CBDistillery's Granddaddy Purple
  • RTE50004   CBDistillery's Grape Ape
  • RTE50005   CBDistillery's Blue Dream
  • RTE50006   CBDistillery's Cool Berry
  • RTE50007   CBDistillery's Peppermint
  • RTE50008   CBDistillery's Tropical Punch