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HydroSpec Karl Fischer Reagents
Have Confidence in your Analysis! Our HydroSpec line-up consists of Coulometric and Volumetric Reagents. With long shelf lifes and stable formulations HydroSpec is the best choice in Karl Fischer Titrations.
Ricca Hand Sanitizer
Try our new Hand Sanitizer made according to the World Health Organization's (WHO) formula II for sanitizing handrubs. With uncompromising quality and product in stock ready to dropship, Ricca is the premier choice for Isopropanol based Hand Sanitzer.
LC-MS Water for Critical Applications
Specifically purified under our stringent conditions and tested to the tightest tolerances for the lowest lot-to-lot variability, maximizing the the quality of your data and life of your equipment.
“I needed a Custom Solution for my instrument, and Ricca helped me every step of the way! The process was simple and I got the exact product I needed.”
~ -Senior Chemist