Color Standards

Color can be one of the most obvious indications of contamination or deterioration. For this reason, color specifications have been set by organizations such as ACS, USP, ASTM, and EP for many pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other products. Color is also an important measurement for water and wastewater.

Ricca Chemical Company manufactures a variety of color standards:

APHA (Hazen or Platinum-Cobalt) Color Standards
Used, under various names, by almost every organization concerned with color measurement
Most useful in cases where a yellow or yellow-brown color indicates impurity or decomposition
Levels from 0 color units to 1500 color units available as Group Nos. 2230 - R2231500
USP / EP Primary Color Standards
Cobaltous Chloride CS (Red Primary Solution), Group No. 2210
Cupric Sulfate CS (Blue Primary Solution), Group No. 2495
Ferric Chloride CS (Yellow Primary Solution), Group No. 3110
USP Matching Fluids
A series of 20 standards of various colors
Prepared from the USP Primary Color Standards according to the latest United States Pharmacopeia specifications
Available as Group Nos. 4621.A - 4621.T
EP Reference Solutions
Five series of standards of the same hue, with varying color intensities in each series
Prepared from the EP Primary Color Standards according to the latest European Pharmacopoeia specifications
Check out our offering of EP Primary Color Standards.
Gardner Color Standards
A series of 18 liquid color standards prepared to ASTM D 1544-58 T specifications
For more accurate color measurement of liquids (as an alternative to glass filters)
Available as Group Nos. 3226.01 - 3226.18


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